Not Just Another WordPress Dev

I’m Aaron Newman, A Toronto WordPress developer trying to make the web a more usable and beautiful place.


I’ve been doing this for a while, And I’m damn good at it. I’ve worked at some of the best agencies in their respective cities.


I live and breathe Website Design and WordPress. Everything interests me WordPress related, and I continue to learn more every day.


I like to think my mind produces some original ideas. But there are more than 7 billion people on the planet so who can say for certain?

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About ME

Let's face it, a lot of websites are shit.

Let’s face it, a lot of websites are shit. So shit in fact it makes me want to change careers. But here I am still cleansing websites of 4k logos, outdated copyright years in the footer, annoying animations, and Slider Revolution.


One day if I collect enough tears I can use them to fuel some advanced Google spider that crawls the web finding unnecessary WordPress plugins and deactivates them.


Pet peeves aside, I love and am passionate about web development and everything to do with WordPress. I’ve created WordPress sites for fun, as well as tested and compared various WordPress plugins to see which ones are better (loading speed – Revolution Slider sucks).

My Services

Good at shit that would make any mother proud

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WordPress Development

WordPress development from building a theme from scratch or making something with WPBakery, Visual Composer, or Elementor (fuck the Muffin Builder). 

website speed optimization

Speed Optimization

I love speeding up websites making them get better scores on Google PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrics. I’ve made websites rank 100/100 on both desktop and mobile.

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WP Plugin Customization

Sometimes a plugin isn’t just right. I have fun diving into the plugin’s code to change anything I need to make it function the way I need it to.

search engine optimization analytics

Search Engine Optimization

I follow and exercise all the technical and fundamental SEO techniques to encourage Google to push your website up the results. Content is king!

ecommerce websites


Making E-Commerce WordPress websites with WooCommerce to get websites up and running built with an e-commerce WordPress theme.

ui ux website design

Website UI / UX Design

Designing websites in such a way that supports the data. For example, 10% of sliders get to the next slide. Want 90% of your users not to read your content? Put it in a slider!

  • They listen to what their clients want and delivers what they need. People will take you seriously with Aaron’s work.

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    John Paul Cote
  • Aaron brought our website to life. We received great service, fast response, and completed within a more than reasonable amount of time. Working with Aaron allowed room for us to discuss our vision and receive feedback and ideas that enhanced our page.

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    Daniela Glaser
    The Adulam Foundation
  • Aaron’s creativity in design, strong technical capabilities, as well as their persistence and patience helped in creating an incredible website!

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    Mike Melinyshyn

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