About Aaron Newman

I'm actually pretty interesting.

About Aaron

I’m an introvert who likes to think in my head a lot. I have glasses that make me look smart, though whether I am is still up for debate.

I like to draw, hike, code, and ride my bike on trails at an unsafe speed. I love Smoke’s Poutinerie and Zero-Calorie Cherry Coke. I use Windows over Mac, and Chrome over Firefox (let’s not mention the others). I think dryer sheets are stupid, and don’t understand people who fold their socks. And I love web design.

My Method

My method for creating great websites is to follow an internal ruleset I created that makes websites intuitive for users to use. The goal is to make websites familiar to use but still unique to remember.

My Mission

My mission is to fill the Internet with websites that are both easy to use and look good. Too many websites spend too much time focusing on one or the other – it’s time for both!

My Vision

My vision is that the Internet (code for other web developers) becomes more informed in web design usability standards and learn what truly what makes a website great. Hint: It’s not design.


Im a self-taught, college-educated, lifetime student of web design and have a deep passion for it.

I have over 5 years of professional experience creating effective, beautiful websites. I have touched over 100 different websites at this point, whether it be by design changes, content updates, speed optimization, or more. I have worked on some more notable websites like Toyota, Banh Mi Boys (Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant in Toronto), Sugar Suite (Bakery in Oakville), and even the Toronto Financial District website.

I continue to learn more and perfecting my style every day both through my job and after-hours through articles (NN Group), YouTube, and personal projects.

In time I see myself becoming a leader or playing a role in promoting great web design according to web and user experience standards. I want to teach up-and-coming web designers to create better and more effective websites – to make the internet a more beautiful and usable place.

Want to see my old portfolio design?

The previous design of my portfolio was reviewed by CodingPhase on YouTube. CodingPhase has over 75,000 subscribers and is very popular among the website design community on YouTube.

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